Thursday, May 2, 2013

Celebrated May Day with a ride to Old Saybrook Point

What a fabulous ride on a gorgeous day! I wore my shortsleeved jersey and short cycling pants and was a bit cool starting out. This ride was well over 20 miles. Here is a map:


The map is from 1890 and Deep River back then was listed as Saybrook. LOL! To find where I, look above Essex. I live on the small promonotory of land just North of the double marshes over the second “O” in Saybrook. Got that? I rode from there all the way to the bottom of the map where it says Cornfield Point and across to Fenwick and then onto Saybrook, which is not marked on this map; then home.

Here is a photo of the manse at Cornfield point:


The manse is the building in the background and the roof used to be a brighter orange that could be seen for miles from the water. I turned around to the other side to get this view of Old Saybrook:

IMG_0551 IMG_0552
You can’t see Fenwick, the point, or the lighthouse from here, because a landmass is shielding them. I would have thought that full Summer was upon us, judging from the crowd at the beach, but the flora was not developed enough to prove it.

I felt very strong during this ride. Today is supposed to be even more beautiful! Can’t wait!