Sunday, November 25, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

Had my appendix removed on Saturday

Yup. Thursday night I felt like the Alien was trying to break out of my stomach, but figured that it was a stomach flu. It did feel slightly better later, but after 28 hours at 3 in the morning on Saturday, I called an ambulance to take me to the local emergency clinic. They gave me a gram of dilaudid to deal with the 5-6 rated pain out of 10, and did a CT scan that diagnosed a ruptured appendix. I was sent by ambulance to a local hospital for surgery, which I had later that morning. My pain had improved to a 2 after the surgery, which was done laproscopically with 3 small incisions. My appendix was in line with the middle of my body, not to the right, as is normal. While I am doing very well, I have not yet been allowed to eat anything until the swelling goes down in my bowels. I won’t be discharged until I can eat.

Sean was in Annapolis helping to move a boat with his friend, and he pulled out of the next leg of moving the boat to Fort Lauderdale to be with me.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Nautical Wedding!

I'll never forget Greg and Rene's wedding aboard the Nautica Queen! The day before we had a terrific picnic at their house. Here are some photos:

Auburn, who is the Groom's niece, is also Jeff's daughter.

Bob, standing, is a friend of the family and no relation. Next to him is Greg, the Groom, who stands with his Mother, Nancy, and the Bride's sister Roberta.

Auburn with Dakota, who is Rene's son.

In the foreground is Susan, who is my husband's sister, talking to Jim, who is my husband's brother. Jim, who is Nancy's husband, is the Father of the Greg, the Groom.

Jim and I share a laugh.

Dennis is also one of the Kennedy brothers and is famed for his consumption of coffee.

Greg shoots the breeze with cousin Scott, in the red striped shirt. The other person is a friend of the family.

Greg looks so relaxed here!

Scott and his family: his wife Heidi and their child, Lyric. They sit with uncle Jim, but Scott's mom is Susan.

Jim looks relaxed for the father of the Groom!

I asked my husband to take a photo of the whiteboard in the kitchen because it will never have these notes again!

We all wait in the lobby of the hotel to go to the wedding [l to r: brothers Chris & Scott, Heidi, Jim, Rene's friend, Greg, Auburn, Nancy, Jeff and me].

The Captain reads the wedding ceremony to Greg and Rene.

The wedding vows!
The exchange of rings!

I greet the newly weds!

The wedding was held the same day as the Cleveland Air Show, so the Navy Blue Angels did their thing right after we were fed! My husband got the most fantastic photos of them as they flew all around and right over the ship! The noise of their engines was deafening.

 Care to shake hands with the pilot?

Me with Scott, Greg and Jeff.

Here are some videos that I took with my iphone:

Monday, April 16, 2012

RIP Spice

I found Spice having a seizure this afternoon when I returned to my office. John and I rushed her to the Vet's but she died there. Her doctor said that her breathing was labored and that her chest felt hardened. He tested for pleural effusions, but none were present. He supposed that there could be a mass. Certainly her death was contributed to by an underlying disease that caused her mucositis. She never was a well cat. But she looked to be in great condition, with wonderful weight gain and controlled mucositis due to the daily drug administration I was doing. We didn't want to pay for an autopsy.

At least we gave her some good months before the end. She sure had the life of Riley in my office! Now she has gone on to Bast. Rest in peace kitty!