Monday, October 8, 2012

Had my appendix removed on Saturday

Yup. Thursday night I felt like the Alien was trying to break out of my stomach, but figured that it was a stomach flu. It did feel slightly better later, but after 28 hours at 3 in the morning on Saturday, I called an ambulance to take me to the local emergency clinic. They gave me a gram of dilaudid to deal with the 5-6 rated pain out of 10, and did a CT scan that diagnosed a ruptured appendix. I was sent by ambulance to a local hospital for surgery, which I had later that morning. My pain had improved to a 2 after the surgery, which was done laproscopically with 3 small incisions. My appendix was in line with the middle of my body, not to the right, as is normal. While I am doing very well, I have not yet been allowed to eat anything until the swelling goes down in my bowels. I won’t be discharged until I can eat.

Sean was in Annapolis helping to move a boat with his friend, and he pulled out of the next leg of moving the boat to Fort Lauderdale to be with me.

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