Thursday, June 4, 2009

Barcelona Zoo

Where ever I go, I love to visit the zoos! Barcelona was no different. The zoo was within walking distance from our hotel and so we went. Also, I am interested in subjects for me to paint.

These are bactrian camels. They were gorgeous in person. But they weren't cooperative as far as posing.

These are Asiatic crested pigeons. Gosh, they flitted around so quickly between hubs and I we must have tens of photos of them. But this shot is a winner, I think. Even though the crest on the bottom bird is not in focus, I can fix that from another photo and it will make a great painting.

The poor parrots! Loud construction was going on right next to their cages and they were really upset. I only got this one photo. Does anyone know what this bird is?

These birds are from Asia too. Most fish to eat. This tiny pond had little feeder fish in it. The birds are very pretty.

This is a South American Cavy.

Isn't this a clever display? These are plush toys pushed into a basket so that only their eyes show. Too cute, I had to take a photo of it.

All zoos have an obligatory flamingo pond.

This grizzly bear was mislabeled as a brown bear.

OMG! I love penguins! And these Humboldts were having a blast playing in their pond!

RATS! Nick thinks he has a problem! Does anyone know what the S. American rodents are?

The king of beasts.

I love meerkats!

Peacocks strolled freely.

A Pere David's deer from China.

A couple of tapirs. I think we ate these in Ecuadorian Equinox.


A young wapiti.

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