Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mon Voyage À L'Acadie: Part 8: New Brunswick Aquarim & Marine Center, Inkerman

So from the fleet, mom and I drove into the Town of Shippagan and decided to see what the New Brunswick Aquarium had on display.

There was this very beautiful quilt that you need to enlarge to enjoy. It has many ocean creatures on each panel and is very imaginative and clever.

Basically, the aquarium displayed the fish that are native to the waters in the area, many of which we had been, um, eating! But these jellyfish were not the case.

And though we ate many lobsters, none were completely white!

Nor where any blue!

These seals were exactly the same as the ones we saw around Bonaventure Island. I was so excited, because I just love seals!

So I took a closeup of one...

This is what a seal does when it is not ready for it's closeup. It swims to the bottom and lies there with it's tummy up and plays dead.

But here's a chipper one ready for a closeup! See, he/she is even smiling! But I didn't have a fish to reward this lovely pose, so I walked away sad.

Then we drove on heading for Inkerman Parrish on our way home. All of these areas are inland wetlands consisting of marshes, swamps, bogs, ponds, etc.. As a matter of fact, New Brunswick is so wet that my female host told a really neat joke about it. Here it is:

A man from New Brunswick dies and goes up to Saint Peter's gate. Of those not admitted immediately, Satan is sorting through people who will go lower and those who will go to purgatory. But then there are a few set to the side who are just standing there waiting around. He sees that he will be sorted soon. When it is his turn he asks Satan "What are those people waiting for?" Satan answers "They are from New Brunswick and they are too wet to burn."

Ba dum bum! I'll be here all night, enjoy the veal...

Well, back to the trip. So, as we drive along, we see many osprey nests, so I got out and took a photograph of one. Click to enlarge and you will see that the bird is stretching his wings. See the tall trees in the distance? Would you believe that there is a huge church behind those?

This is Catholic Church of Saint Michel in Inkerman Ferry that was built in 1916. Inkerman Ferry is such a small town that there is not even a grocery store in it. It is stuck out in the middle of no place. If you enlarge this photo you can read the sign next to the building to see the church's name and the stone tablet underneath the rose window hast the date of the buildings completion.

Note the twin silver domes and brick with stone masonry which is typical of the Catholic religion's churches in this area. Also, the church is decorated for the upcoming festival.

Here it is from another view:

See! There is nothing near it at all. I wish I had the time to go miles away and photograph it... It is just standing there in the middle of nothing. A miracle!

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