Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A murder in Georgia that history will never forget

At 11:08 PM Troy Anthony Davis was murdered by the State of Georgia by lethal injection. The “reason” was the verdict from a sham trial that found him guilty with plenty of doubt of the murder of Officer MacPhail over 22 years ago. The real murderer in this crime is most probably still at large and has yet to face justice. Seven of the nine eye witnesses were coerced into perjuring themselves by police, who were under pressure to resolve the case of a slain colleague. There was no physical evidence entered at the trial.

Troy Davis goes down in history as a martyr for abolition of the death penalty since this from of punishment is the ultimate justice a criminal can receive and should never, ever be the penalty when there is a reasonable doubt, such as there was in this case. The death penalty should also never be reached based on emotional reasons or for revenge.

The State of Georgia and moreover, the United States of America, will be judged very harshly tomorrow for this murder of a man who was not proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. We will be called savages, barbarians and maybe worse things. I’m afraid I will agree them about us. We are unenlightened and don’t seem to know anything about the rule of law and how to enact it. We are kindergartners in a world of upperclassmen. I am ashamed to be an American today. Ashamed.

I am Troy Davis.

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