Wednesday, December 7, 2011

After we brought her home, Spice had a very rough night and would not eat anything until the following afternoon. We attribute this to the pain from the biopsy. We brought her indoors, so we could keep a closer eye on her also. She is doing much better now, both eating and drinking! I had to soften up her new venison food with a bit of water to get her to eat it. It is kind of like a meat slurry. We were very excited to see her exhibit a new behavior, she cleaned herself after eating!

I have been brushing her with a furminator because I have allergies to cats and her fur is a complete mess and loaded with mats. She just loves it and becomes a little purr box when she sees it! I use it on both my cats and dogs and it works wonders; if you don’t have one, I highly recommend it!

Also, I bought some kitty litter that is for training cats to use the box and it is called Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract, and it is amazing! It has her using the box, which previously has been an issue for her. It cost the earth, but it had a money back guarantee.

But twice a day, I become the bad guy, because I have to give her meds with a needless syringe into her mouth. She really dislikes that. I give her a pain medication [Buprenorphine] and an antibiotic [Clindamycin]. She has already bitten me! Oh no!

But we wait for the biopsy results. We should know by Friday.

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