Monday, April 20, 2015

Viking Rhine Cruise: Breisach

In the afternoon of April 4th, mom went on the tour of Colmar, France. But I rested and then walked around Breisach, where the Mani was docked. The town is dominated by St. Stephanm├╝nster Cathedral atop a hill. I followed a cobblestone road up the hill, where there was a tower that was probably used for defense at some point in time. There was a modern sculpture of a bull breaking up through the bricks in the courtyard. The views from the top were astounding. I took a photo of the panel beside the church.

The history of this Romanesque - Gothic church can be read here. I was stunned by the beauty of the wooden carved altar piece and pulpit in St Stephenm├╝nster.

Most of the houses were half-timbered and people actually live on the hill on the way up to church. What a gorgeous little town!

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