Monday, March 22, 2010

Rapporto di Roma 5: Foro Romano

We walked up the street from our hotel, and found the Quattro Fontane. Here are photos of the goddess Juno and the River Arno. The famous church seemed always to be closed when we passed by. So we never did get to visit it.

This is the Horse Tamers sculpture that is on Quirinal Hill. It dates from Antiquity. The light wasn't great, but how could we not photograph it? We don't have many sculptures dating from Antiquity where we come from.

We arrived at the Roman Forum and I was so excited! Of course, when I was last there in 1967, you could roam around in it for free! Here are the photos I took:

This is Caligula's Palace:

You can see the Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II looming in the background. I heard that Mussolini took tons of marble from churches he razed to build it.

Me, standing in front of Trajan's Column.

I admired the artistry and detail of the workmanship in marble that lay in pieces around the site, but looked good as new even though it was created so long ago. Here are some samples:

Sean took these last two shots:

By now you should know there has to be a dog in this story! The owner of this 6 month old canine claims that he is a Slovakian Wolf. He chewed up my hand pretty good, but heels on his leed very well for only 6 months. He sure is cute as a button though, isn't he?

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