Saturday, March 19, 2011

$$ for JOBS! NOT WAR! Rally & March: New Haven Green

Even as the US began to bomb Libya, I gathered with my brothers and sisters in peace at the New Haven Green to protest: MONEY FOR JOBS AND EDUCATION!!! NOT FOR WAR!

It was wonderful weather for a protest! This one was called by ANSWER CT (Act Not to Stop War and End Racism) and endorsed by New Haven Against Police Brutality, March Forward, Unidad Latina en Acción, Party for Socialism and Liberation – CT, New Haven Workers Association, ISO New Haven, and more.

The 6 or so speakers were very moving. They represented various topics such as the teachers and unions in strife and under attack in Wisconsin, crimes against women during wars, the influence of megacorporations and big oil during conflicts in the Middle-East, and how Barack should stand with Unions in Wisconsin instead of bombing Libya. It was also noted that Connecticut’s piece of the war pie adds up to 84 million tax dollars, which would help balance the state’s budget deficit if left here in the state.

Then the march began and so did the chanting. It really took me back to the old days of protesting against Viet Nam. I don’t understand why more people didn’t come out to protest. People we passed on the streets just gawked at us like we were some freaks. What will it take to get people off their duffs and out into the streets? How many more young men must die? How many more people need to be raped? How many more people need to be fired? How many more people need to become homeless? How many more people need to go on foodstamps? How many nations do we need to bomb into smithereens? WAKE UP PEOPLE! NO ONE CAN MAKE PEACE HAPPEN BUT US! We did it for Viet Nam and we can do it again!

A National Money for Jobs & Education! Not War! March and Rally is planned for Noon, Saturday, April 9 at Union Square, 14th Street in New York City. The contact information is at the United National AntiWar Committee: 860 478 5300,,

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