Monday, June 20, 2011

Moonshadow and Spice: our rescue cats

You may remember Moonshine. Well, the hubs never did like that name so we agreed on a new name, Moonshadow [as in "I'm being followed by a..."]. But, Moonshadow was lonely and so we sought out a new rescue cat to be her friend. We went back to Forgotten Felines, but they wanted a cat who would live in a house and sleep with us. Moonshadow lives in our heated 5,000 sq foot metal building where hubs has his office and spends 8 hours a day. NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THEM! We looked elsewhere.

We found Spice living in a one room cattery with 8 feline friends and a caged outdoor run. All the cats were previously from a part feral existence and while used to other cats, they were not so used to human beings. That was great for us!

We chose her because all of the cats she was living with seemed to like being near her and we thought that that would be good for Moonshadow too. Right!

They do not get along at all! But I’ve owned cats before and I know it takes time. So each cat has 2,500 sq ft of space and their own cat box and feeding station. Both cats are eating and doing well. Every now and then we have a hissing match but at least there is interaction without a fight. Spice seems to like exploring her new large space quite a bit! Today I pet her for the first time.

Isn’t she pretty?

Moonshadow is as relaxed as ever under the heat lamp this cold morning.

Spice also has a heat lamp, but never uses it.

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