Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where are the JOBS??? Rally

At 10:00 AM on August 10th, 2011, I traveled to Old Lyme, CT with my pal Janet to attend Move On's Where are the JOBS??? Rally, which was starting in a parking lot in front of the Big Y market. Arriving a few minutes late, we joined a group of a dozen people already in progress, with Steve Danenberg reading Move On's Contract for the American Dream. We cheered at some of the bullet points, such as ending the wars.

Jan and I carpooled with Steve up to Congressman Joe Courtney's office in Norwich, Connecticut. It was a beautiful day, but traffic was busy as we crossed Water Street to Joe's office, where we were expected. In all, there were 8 of us to see Joe that morning. Alas, Joe was on vacation, but we already knew he wasn't going to be in the office. We were greeted by Ms. Jenny Contois, the District Director, who was expecting us. I began to snap photos, and Ms. Contois, asked if there were any press. I replied, that no, there was no press. We were served water, and Steve made polite conversation with Ms. Contois and pressed his Contract for the American Dream on the staff, while we all signed in at the reception desk. Steve really wanted to plan an event with Joe, whom Move On supports.

Jan signed up to meet with Joe during one of his "Schedule a Meeting" swings through CT. She has two part time jobs, neither of which give her benefits.

Interestingly, I discovered upon returning home that Joe Courtney voted for the Final debt deal, which is voting against Democratic party lines. Here is a link to an article that explains Joe's vote. I guess we'll have to save that question for another time.

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