Thursday, May 1, 2014

Duna Keringőt: Budapest vagy bust 2

Actual date April 5, 2014
Yay! Here we are sailing into Budapest! We can see Buda Castle across the water on the starboard side. Here we see Matthias Church just past the Chain Bridge. There is the Castle Theater looming over the Bridge. We are all so excited to be in Budapest!

We are loaded onto the tour buses for our first bus tour [see map]! We drive up Andrassy Street. I am astounded by the gorgeous architecture of this building! Look at the fabulous decoration as far as bas reliefs and and gold leaf. Here is a larger photo of the building and the one next to it, which seems to be an emabassy. A bronze statue of a lad in a hurry. A man walks a half dozen cairn terriers, two photos. Another stunning building! A handsome lad rides his bike in morning traffic. A large domed building; it must be important. Typical traffic on a Budapest morning. Note how the leaves are out already. Typical apartment buildings in Budapest. Three photos of the Hungarian State Opera House. Note the Sphynxes on the sides. Here is a little side boulevard with a clearly marked bicycle lane in red crossing it. A statue of Jokai is seen. Better photo of Jokai is next. Jokai was a famed Hungarian dramatist. Election signs were up all over Budapest, since there was an election held on Sunday. A visitor from the UK told us that all of the elections were predetermined by control of the parliment, whose number was reduced by the controlling party, ostensibly to save money, but in reality to take control. The election came out as predetermined. He also told us that everything in Hungary is connected and predetermined and freedom is an illusion. We agreed that for the most part it is like that in the USA as well. We really wanted to go to the Terror Museum, but it was closed on the Monday we were free. They were having a show on Alekszandr Szolzsenyicin! Our tour guide pointed out the statue of the Iron Curtain and I took a close up. Isn't this a pretty storefront? Another beautiful building for sale; it could be your palace! As the wife of an architect, I am interested in the mating of old and new buildings. Here this happens at this street corner. Discuss the success or failure in the mating of these two buildings. Another palace that has been turned into a restaurant. Two more shots of mansions.

Next, we are at Hero's Square!

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