Saturday, May 3, 2014

Duna Keringőt: Budapest vagy bust 4

The tour bus zipped by the Great Synagogue too fast to get any great pictures! But I did manage three and found the gold leaf on the black onion domes to be very impressive. Here is more beautiful architecture on a building. Here is another square with a statue of a woman bearing two amphorae. Another pretty church. another pretty corner building. More beautiful architectural buildings in a street scene.

The Liberty Statue looms above the city and beneath it is the stop for the funicular. Now we are at Buda Castle. Note the bullet holes in the castle walls [two shots]. The statue of the Army in 1849, occupying the Castle was in honor of freedom fighters. We saw a Russian Lada on the street and everybody took photos of it. The tourist shops sold beadwork that was pretty. A street scene of the tourist shops. A brand new Miska jug on sale. This colorful restaurant building is actually a historical landmark, as indicated by the sign in the next photo. 

Here we can see the steeple of the Mattias Church. The steeple looms over all of Budapest. Here is a very obdient Yorkshire terrier waits by the door for its master. Here is the Holy Trinity Column in memory of the 600 victims of plague [two photos]. A look across the square to the King Saint Stephan's statue. The entry to Mattias Church. A close up of King Saint Stephan's statue. A street performer was working with an eagle and I was mesmerized [three photos]. The view from Buda Castle's bastion. Back the eagle performer! Mattias Church was painted inside with geometric decorations rather than frescos. Sixteen photos try to capture the beauty, but it must be seen in person to be appreciated. It was simply stunning. Here is the Great Snyagogue from the bastion. This is the back of Mattias and the modern building next to it. I know that great discussion was given to how these two buildings would look togther side-by-side. I'm not that happy with the result. What do you think? A parting shot of the eagle. A look down the street at the tourist shops. A pram full of dolls. A display of beaded bags. Handmade lace placemats are typical in this area as are embroidered blouses. More lace was everywhere in this shop. Pretty stained glass windows added to the atmosphere in the shop. On our way out of the town, we began to look at table cloths. We spotted a pretty one with lavendar asters embroided on it, but the woman wanted $200 for it. I countered for $50 and she would have none of it. So we walked out. Then we came upon tablecloths with lace and ribbon sewn into them. I loved them! Again, the woman wanted $200 and I countered with $50. We settled for $80 and I paid in Forints. Which was great because I actualy paid only $78!!! Isn't the table cloth beautiful; here is a detail. Two more photos looking out over Pest.

Next, I take a walk around Buda!

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