Sunday, May 4, 2014

Duna Keringőt: Budapest vagy bust 5

The bus tour only took the morning, and then I had to take my nap. Mom went out exploring right after lunch. So when I woke up, I looked for her, but could not find her. I decided to venture out on my own. I was so excited!

Armed with a map, I set out. I first came upon this pinwheel of pansies that were just a profusion of color! I don't know what this building is, but it looks very important. This gated and decorated doorway is just incredible! Look at the art deco wrought iron awning over this doorway! Very nice! I came upon this open air market near a modern glass building. I was drawn by the wonderful smells of paprika and peppers! But right away I came upon a stall selling fur hats, gloves, mittens, pelts, et cetera. I have always been drawn to these, but I don't know why. I took two photos. I found it unusual to see people astride Segways in the center of Budapest. Ah! Here we go! The source of the great smell! Let us see what we have here... Rooster testicles! Yum, yum! This merits a close up! Here is a look down another street. Everything this man was selling was made of horn. I bought a spice spoon. Roasting whole pig anyone? Here are two photos of a pig snout next to a delicious sandwich! Gorgeous felt rabbit dolls, kittens, and pulis, the national dog of Hungary. More clever and adorable felt throw pillows. Budapest's Hard Rock Café is right here. Another fur vendor. I was amazed by these horn bowls; how can they be so large when horns are so small?

Here is your meat. Who wouldn't buy a sausage from this serious young man?

Indulge me here. I took 8 photos of this dog that reminded me of Francesco's Benji. [Link is to my NSFW blog!] But it turns out, he is a cousin of Benji, who is a rat terrier, in that he is a smooth fox terrier. Beautiful dog, huh?

Three shots of a wine vendor's area. Note how the red wine in inside of a container in the white wine. Cool isn't it? An intricately decorated storefront on the streetscape.

I was very impressed with this gentleman's Dogue de Bordeaux. He posed with it and told me about it, but didn't want it to be petted. Perhaps it is trained as a guard dog.

Holy cow, a sex shop! Old and beautiful buildings are everywhere! A quick look down a side street gives a feel for the city. Note the quaint lamp posts.

At the foot of the Railway Bridge [aka Elizabeth Bridge], we are in the courtyard of the Inner City Parish Church. Across the river, we can see Buda Castle. Traffic crosses the bridge and in the background we can see the Freedom Monument. The Inner City Parish Church and its front door.

Six photos of a whippet puppy just 9 months old. To die for cute!

A modern sculpture outside of the church depicts Roman soldiers on Marcius 15 TER.. A sculpture of Sàndor Petofi, a Hungarian poet, in the city.

All I knew was that I wanted a rubbing of the Armenian Genocide Victims Memorial, when I saw it in Szeged Christian solidarity park. It was so enchanting! But how sobering is it to think of the lives taken and lost.

The Danube river walk and looking back in the other direction. Here is another extremely beautiful building, that must be something, like a university, but I cannot find out what it is [two photos].

A man plays with his two daughters near the chain bridge. Traffic crosses the Chain Bridge; Mattias church can be seen across the Danube. Gresham Palace looks quite stately as do all of the embassies adjacent to it.
So, finally I reached the Shoes at the Danube river. I expected to be very moved, but I saw this rambunctious Vizsla puppy being held by two girls that could hardly control her! I snapped four photos before I knew what was happening. Then I took a look at the shoes. The poor souls that wore these shoes were told to take them off before they were machine gunned into the water to save the soldiers having to bury their bodies. Shoes were worth good money then. The shoes are fashioned out of iron. I focused on the children's shoes in my closeups. People at this memorial were lighting candles and leaving flowers. I was quite moved. What monsters had perpretrated this slaughter and others like it? All we can do is try to stop other slaughters like it that happen around the world.

I returned to the Viking Legend.

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