Friday, May 2, 2014

Duna Keringőt: Budapest vagy bust 3

Finally our tour bus reaches Hero Square, as we can tell by seeing the central column and the colannade. The Palace of Art was on the right of the square. On the left was the Museum of Fine Arts. Here is a closer view of the colonnade. This is a fancy art deco restaurant across the street from Hero Square.

The Budapest Zoo is kitty-corner to Hero Square. The entryway to the Széchenyi thermal baths is around the side of Hero Square. This is Vajdahunyad Castle which was built using parts of buildings from various time periods, it displays different architectural styles: Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. This white building overlooks an ice skating pond, two photos. Now we have traveled around the perimeter of the outside of the square and are back to the Palace of Art. We exit the bus and I take a photo of the detail on the Palace of Art. Here is a better shot of the colonnade. Looking back at the serious photographers getting shots of the colonnade. Here is the tomb of the unknown soldier. A closer shot of the 7 Hungarian chieftans led by Arpad. A closer photo of the top of the column which depicts Archangel Gabriel, who holds the Hungarian Holy Crown and the apostolic double cross in his hand. This is the embassy of an Arab country. The ING Bank headquarters in Budapest is a unique glass building. The Monument to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution stands alone, perhaps as testimony to its unpopular reception. Two pretty houses and two churches indicate the style and class of Budapest. A cute lab puppy is attentive to its master. Here are two photos of the Holocaust Memorial which is a weeping willow with the names of a murdered family on each leaf.

Next we see the Great Synagogue and then head over to Pest for more adventures!

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