Monday, April 21, 2014

Donau Walzer: Dürnstein

After the ship was docked, we all walked up to tour the story-book town of Dürnstein, population 900. It doesn't get any cuter or quainter than this little Austrian town. We walked up to the family cemetery, which was all in bloom with spring flowers and is famous for its ossuary.

Back in the town, folks were drinking at an open air tavern. The charming main street was clogged with tourists. Little side streets had stone steps to accomodate the rise in elevation. Another shot of Main St. Dürnstien is in a microclimate that allows for apricots to be grown. Thus, shops sell apricot products of all kinds: candles, soaps and liquors. This shop had all of the apricot boozes one could want. They even had free apricot schnapps and liqueur for tasting. I, who never drink because of the medication I am on, actually tasted a shot of each. Man did I get wasted! LOL! My mom did the same, so we wove our way through the rest of the town. Here is a shot of a look out from one of the many high-points of the town. Here is the entry to the abbey and the abbey's square. One had to pay an exorbitant amount to enter; so we didn't.

We ran into this beautiful and obedient German Shepherd dog and I couldn't help but take his photo.

I also saw a sculler and took many shots with my motordrive camera so that one can see a full stroke.
Next stop: Vienna!

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