Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Donau Walzer: Passau 3

At this point in the tour, we reached the rear of St. Stephan's cathedral, which is where the Bishop's residence is. the next photos are of the fountain in this area. The Bishop's residence is the blue building. Inside is a famous crucifix; though my photo is too crappy to see it well. The plaster work and fresco are also quite well known. I thought just the door was enchanting and took a photo of it. The cathedral is best known for its 5 organs, which are the second largest in the world. There are two photos of the organ over the entry to the cathedral; one of which shows the side organs. Here is the altar in the cathedral. The cathedral has the fifth organ in the dome of this ceiling. The altar sculpture is a modern work. The chancel is ornate and covered in gold leaf. I noticed that the red marble balisters were exactly the same as the ones in Rome in churches built in this time period [1600's], including the Vatican. Here is the fourth organ, at the side of the main altar. This is a close up of the marble work on a side altar and a distance shot of a side altar that includes railing, altar, frescos, statues, and bas reliefs. Here is the entry to the cathedral with the three towers with green onion domes.

We were released from our tour guide and let go on our own. We decided to shop. The first shop we saw was a chocolate shop! I was amazed by their displays and took two photos before the owner frowned at me. Mom bought some for one of her pals back home. Mom was extremely patient while I tried on lederhosen. But I was not happy with the fit of them; all were too low waisted. The shop lady actually tried to pull them up on me so hard that she lifted me! So I bought nothing. But we had joy at a jewelery shop where we found earrings and a ring fashioned into the distel flower in silver and enamel.

Back on our boat, we only had to cruise a wee bit, and we were in Austria. I took a photo of the typical houses there. It seems that someone had more luck than I did with purchasing lederhosen [black is for married men]. He posed smiling, and then when asked to look German, he put on a serious face.

Tomorrow we are in Linz!

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