Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dunaj Valčík: Bratislava

Actual date: April 4, 2014

One of the more interesting ports of call on our Danube cruise was Bratsilava, Slovakia. We were very lucky in that our tour guide was old enough to have experienced WWII and hence, lived thorugh many of the politcal changes in her country and was able to offer first hand perspective on these events. A map of points of interest is the first image.

The first building is the Slovak National Museum and we all gathered here to board our tour buses. A motorcyclist climbs the hill to the Bratislava Castle. The Bratislava Castle and the Slavin WWII Memorial from the tour bus window.

Three photos of a home with architectural issues. Tiles are falling off, mortar is spalling off, and brick foundation is shearing away. The following photo indicates landscape issues on a hill.

In this photo the Slovak Radio Headquarters [upsidedown pyramid] building can be seen.

Fancy homes of foreign ambassadors are on this street.

Look! The castle is right over there! No! It is right over there! The Slovak National Uprising Bridge is over there! Oh! We are coming right up the castle! Finally, into the gates of the castle. Here we see the three bridges of Bratislava as viewed from the Castle: the New Bridge or Solvak National Uprising Bridge, the Hitler Bridge, and the Old Bridge. The Hitler Bridge was bombed at the end of WWII and left as it was. Other views from the castle include various ramparts and a government building. King Svatopluk I rides a rearing horse in a courtyard statue at the castle.

The Hitler and Old Bridges from the castle; note the oil refineries in the distance. Highrise housing in Slovakia. A window of older design peeks through and illustrates that the castle has been through much redesign over the ages. A not so deep well in the courtyard. We did not enter the castle because it has not been restored to what it once was. There has been no money for that as of yet, but since tourism is so important for the economy, this may be done in the future.

Next, Old Town!

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