Friday, April 18, 2014

Donau Walzer: Melk

We moored in Melk in order to tour Melk Abbey. The Abbey is built on a hill overlooking the town and can be seen from miles away. Our tour bus took us up the hill, saving us the walk. The first few photos are of the walk down to the Abbey and into it. The person holding up the number “4A” is our tour guide. She was a student and very knowledgable. The inside of the Abbey houses a museum crammed with treasures and paintings. Unfortunately, the lighting is horrible for photographs and no flash is allowed! Each room was lit a different color and the rooms were so dark! My photos are terribly out of focus and I apologize. Other photographers were having the same difficulties. But, there you are. I hope you can enjoy the photos anyhow.

The next post will have photos of the church and library.

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