Friday, April 11, 2014

Donau Walzer: Munich to Passau

Mom and I were so excited to land in Munich and for our Viking ‘Danube Waltz’ Cruise to begin. But first, we had to take a bus from Munich to Passau to meet our boat, the Viking Legend. We got our bags and wandered past customs without being stopped; heard folks calling out to us “Ladies!”. They were the Viking people in red jackets. After waiting a few moments we were on the Viking bus and heading out for a half hour drive to Passau. I sanpped a photo of a Luftansa jet past our seatmates across from us.

Rather quickly, we passed over a canal we did not know the name of; but how stunning is this landscape? Plus, it is already spring here! Look at the leaves! Wow! A motorcyclist! Look how green the hills are! The forsythia are in bloom!

We could see this tower of white smoke from miles away and wondered what it was. Also, note the solar farms. When we got closer, we could see that it was a steam cooler from a nuclear plant.

We also notices Orthodox Catholic churches with onion domes dotted the landscape. Someone rides a large white horse. Old contrasts with new as an onion dome church looms up behind a solar farm. Down the road, we could see the foothills of the Alps. Another onion dome church. Another onion dome church. A twin tower gothic church. Another onion dome church. An onion dome and a Gothic spire church. Cyclists were everywhere! There was industry along the Danube as well. An onion dome on the river.

A larger onion dome church in Passau. A tour boat named after Sissi, Empress Elizabeth of Austria cruises in Passau. Colorful houses line the Danube in Passau. We have arrived!

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