Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dunaj Valčík: Bratislava 2

Now we are in old town Bratislava and still the castle can be seen from there. The façade of Saint Martin's Cathedral has a bit of gold leaf. Here we see our tour guide, Sonja, and behind her, Saint Michael's Gate. Here, a small bridge crosses over into old town. The cherry tree is full of blossoms and a street cat licks the paving stones. Here again, we see Sonja leading us through picturesque old town. All of the old alleyways are alluring and the eateries look captivating. Maybe we will stop there for a bite later?

I found the architecture in the old town to be charming. I especially like the wrought iron railings on windows and balconies that reminded me of those in Madrid. Each building had its own Baroque decorative feature with an Eastern flair that I found added a touch of romance. Maybe I have just read too many romance novels. The truth is that many natives see the town as rundown or decrepit. But what a bargain for visitors!

Finally we reach Hviezdosklavovo Square and the old Slovak National Theater building. At this point we were released on our own. Mom and I retraced our steps to a Konditorei that she had noticed. I had this torte, though I don't recall what it was named. I also photographed the other offerings in the bake shop. All of the baked goods were just as good as they looked.

And that was it, it was time to return to the Viking Legend.

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